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Hsin-Chen Hotz-Wang

Formally trained in Industrial Design, Hsin-Chen Hotz-Wang graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the U.S.


Born in Taiwan, she grew up immersed in the family-owned fabric business. Surrounded by the design and production of textiles planted a seed of creativity. She began her career in photography and developed and nurtured an interest in painting, woodcarving, sculpture and sewing.


She has lived in a variety of environments on three different continents. From Asia to Australia to the U.S., and now based in Europe, living a global life has had a profound impact on her design philosophy. Exposure to a wide variety of people, cultures and lifestyles has affected her development as an artist and designer. Adapting to different cultures and adjusting to variety of living situations has broadened and deepened her perspective. It has fueled her passion, which is the key to who she is as an artist and designer today. 


As a result, her designs embrace her values and her values reflect a caring and responsible attitude toward both the environment and workers. Her essential design principals include aesthetics, functionality, environmental consciousness and workers rights.

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