The minimalist organizer is functional and practical while also being a sculptural piece. The concept was to design an object that would be both visually appealing and a thoughtful solution for keeping small items (i.e. in an office, living space, kitchen or bathroom) within reach.


The portable organizer is easy to assemble and can be used either as a wall mounted unit or on a tabletop or desk. Each set comes with one shelf and two box drawers. The box drawers are two different sizes to accommodate differing needs and to allow for individual preference. The sections can be placed in a variety of configurations.


The shelf and box drawers can also function as stand-alone units. Used together, the box drawers slide open on the side, which lends a sculptural quality. Sets can be combined to increase the overall size and to meet multiple storage needs.


The packaging for this product uses a small number of cardboard strips to protect the edges of the product. It serves to both protect the product  during shipment and to reduce industry waste. 


This carefully designed Organizer is also portable. You can take it with you wherever you go. It’s an eco-friendly product that adds the beauty of design to an everyday object. 

Making your own color combination




Material:        Aluminum              2mm  


Dimension:    Shelf                       W 8cm X H 16cm X L 32cm


                       Box Drawer - L       W 8cm X H 8cm X L 32cm

                       Box Drawer - S       W 8cm X H 8cm X L 16cm



           Lightweight Aluminum 


           Anodized surface treatment on Aluminum


           Powder color coated on color box drawer


           Hold 20 Kg




Dinning room



The packaging for this product uses a small amount of cardboard strips to protect the edges of the product. Reusing the bike old inner tube serves both secure the cardboards on the product and as a handle to carry.